5G 4G Installation

5G and 4G

Are you suffering with poor internet speed? faster speeds via traditional broadband solutions aren’t available in your area? Then internet via 5G or 4G may be the solution for you. It is also a good option as a backup internet solution should your main connection go down.

5G is the latest standard for cellular networks and in areas of good coverage boasts lightning fast speeds.

We can install a 5G/4G router allowing you to use this as your home or business internet connection. In most cases it is best to use an external antenna to obtain best signal and speeds.

We are a professional installer for 5G and 4G internet solutions and can install this at your home or business along with any required improvements for Wi-Fi connectivity in your property.

We have installed 5G/4G internet solutions into multiple residential and commercial properties in Crewe, Stoke-on-Trent, Nantwich and surrounding areas. Please find a recent case study below:

Case Study - 2021

Location: Business in Nantwich, Cheshire

Our client is a business located in the the rural countryside. They obtain their primary internet using a dedicated leased line.

However as they are so reliant on internet service they wanted a backup solution that could be used for failover should the main service go down. We installed a 4G router alongside a directional external antenna pointed at a nearby 4G mast, obtaining download speeds of around 80 Mbps with a low cost unlimited data SIM. We configured their router to automatically failover to 4G should the main service drop out.

*At the time of installation (Feb 2021), 5G service was not available at this location.

4G speed test in Nantwich

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